16,425 Days a Slave!

Lolita at the Miami Seaquarium since 1970

Ian W. McGee

TWO options for your letter to Palace Entertainment:

1) It would be most effective, and we encourage and will very gladly accept any personalized letters from individuals or groups to include in our package to Palace Entertainment.

If you wish to write your own letters, please print and send your own personalized letters to:

Origami Whales Project
P.O. Box 864
Carpinteria, CA 93014

It's best to use your own words. All are welcome to copy & paste any or all portions of our sample letter, then edit as you wish with your additional comments. And please remember to be POLITE for her freedom. We all LOVE Lolita, and can help her through LOVE & POSITIVE VISIONS!

Click here for additional resource links / Talking points of Your Letter

2) We will collect and print your letters to send together to Palace Entertainment / Parques Reunidos EQT.


 3) Would you like to help by collecting more letters for Lolita?

Ask your family, friends, and co-workers to participate! Bring a bunch of letters to an event! Click here to download 3 pages of photos & information to readily explain Lolita’s story, retirement plan for her, and our campaign for her. Grab a clipboard, and you're set! Then send the whole batch of letters to the Origami Whales Project at the address above. Print as many copies as you’d like (5, 15, 25, ...50!). And please be sure participants complete name, mailing address (at least city and zip code), and sign to validate the letter.

Click here to download information about Lolita, the retirement plan for her, and our
“16,425 Days a Slave” campaign.

Our goal to deliver a large package containing 16,425 printed letters to commemorate the 16,425 days that Lolita has been kept in captivity may seem ambitious. But together we can do this.


Tell Palace Entertainment (owners of the Miami Seaquarium) that it is time for Lolita to be granted retirement to her home waters.

Your full name and mailing address (residential address not required) is required to VALIDATE this letter. All information will remain CONFIDENTIAL, and will not be used for any purpose commercial or otherwise.

Find your nearest theme park owned by Palace Entertainment / Parques Reunidos EQT on this LIST to PLEDGE Boycott in your letter. www.parquesreunidos.com/...


* from Howard Garrett, Orca Network

Orca Lolita March to Palace Entertainment


On August 8th 2017, the 47 year anniversary of Lolita’s capture, we held a protest march and hand-delivered 7,191 letters for Lolita to Palace Entertainment’s corporate office. We are still accepting letters to be delivered in the future, so please continue to collect signatures and spread the word. Thank you!



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Peggy Oki #OWP

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Peggy Oki
Origami Whales Project Founder & Director, "Let's Face It" Visual Petition campaign coordinator

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