Dear F.A.O. Jennifer DiNenna

I have concerns about you renewing the membership of Seaworld.

There are many things which do not reach the standards you say you require.

You expect Institutes to ensure healthy, genetically diverse populations yet Seaworld have 14 orcas including the new calf with no conservation value what so ever.

You require that the physiological, biological, psychological, and social needs of the animals cared for in AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums are addressed.

We know from recent scientific finding that the cetaceans especially the orcas needs are not being met nor can they be met in a tank environment.

There have been many proposals put forward by the scientific community which Seaworld have chosen to ignore, advice put forward from Marine Mammal Scientists which they also ignored, putting their profitability before the welfare of those animals.

From Dr. Naomi Rose, Cetacean Biologist

PETA's suggestion

And of course there is AB2140 which asks for the breeding program to end and sea sanctuaries.

Please do not renew their membership until they have taken account of all the scientific evidence available and done the right thing for the cetaceans in their care.

Yours Sincerely,