"16,425 Days A Slave!" Tweetstorm

Please use this TweetSheet to spread the word about our #16,425DaysASlave Letter-Writing campaign for Lolita

Be a LEGEND for lone Orca Lolita! TAKE ACTION! EASY 2 collect letters thru #16425DaysASlave http://on.fb.me/1QqE1yi

Kidnapped at 4 years old! TAKE ACTION! Please collect letters for Lolita #16425DaysASlave http://bit.ly/1TU8asf

Bring on the Blackfish Effect! Watch campaign video Lolita Orca #16425DaysASlave @_PeggyOki http://goo.gl/o2RPaA

ACT NOW to be a voice to release lone Orca Lolita #16425DaysASlave at Miami Sequarium 46 YRS http://goo.gl/o2RPaA

Please RT 4 lone Orca Lolita #16425DaysASlave kidnapped! Over 46 years at MSQ! http://goo.gl/o2RPaA

Be a LEGEND for Lolita! TAKE ACTION! So EASY to collect letters for Lolita #16425DaysASlave http://on.fb.me/1QqE1yi

Blackfish Effect @_PeggyOki campaign video for Lolita Orca Pls watch + RT #16425DaysASlave http://goo.gl/o2RPaA

ACTION to be a voice to release lone Orca Lolita #16425DaysASlave 46 YRS at Miami Sequarium http://goo.gl/o2RPaA

Please watch and share our VIDEO for Lolita Orca #16425DaysASlave in illegal tank at Miami Seaquarium. TAKE ACTION: http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

VIDEO 4 Lolita #16425DaysASlave in illegal tank at Miami Seaquarium - Please watch + share + Take ACTION: http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Return Lolita, an orca held captive in Miami, to her home waters! Join the letter writing campaign #16425DaysASlave: http://bit.ly/1gQOILe

Please join @_PeggyOki's letter writing campaign to release Lolita Orca #16425DaysASlave at Miami Seaquarium: http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Please join the letter writing campaign #16425DaysASlave for Lolita Orca at Miami Seaquarium to help her return home http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Help @_peggyoki take action for Lolita - Orca #16425DaysASlave at Miami Seaquarium over 46 years in an illegal tank! http://bit.ly/1gQOILe

Help @_peggyoki free Lolita-the lone Orca imprisoned at the Miami Seaquarium for the last 46 years! #16425DaysASlave http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Tell Palace Entertainment to let orca Lolita #16,425DaysASlave at Miami Seaquarium return home to mother Ocean Sun http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

46 years in illegal tank! Tell Palace Entertainment 2 release Lolita Orca #16,425DaysASlave at Miami Seaqurium http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Pledge BOYCOTT 51 Palace Entertnmnt theme parks to release Lolita Orca 46 YEARS #16425DaysASlave at Miami Seaquarium http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Pledge BOYCOTT of 51 Palace Entertainment theme parks to release orca Lolita from illegal tank at Miami Seaquarium http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

EVERYONE can take ACTION 4 Lolita #16425DaysASlave, @_PeggyOki's campaign. Pledge BOYCOTT of 51 PalaceEntrtnmtParks: pic.twitter.com/gbhdCgUiUF

EVERYONE in the world can take action to tell Palace Entertainment to free Lolita. Join #16425DaysASlave pledge here http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

URGENT ACTION NEEDED! Please show your support for retiring orca Lolita to her home waters: http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita #16425DaysASlave

It's time to STAND UP for orca Lolita! Join the #16425DaysASlave campaign here: http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Lolita's mother is waiting for her daughter! Help fight 2 free Lolita - she's been trapped in illegally sized tank 2 long! #16425DaysASlave

Lolita's 21ft long. Her tank's 12-20ft deep - ILLEGAL & IMMORAL by any standard! Join the campaign #16425DaysASlave: http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Easily multiply your ACTION4Lolita by COLLECTING #16425DaysASlave Letters! Ask friends family http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Please use this TweetSheet for lone Orca Lolita #16,425DaysASlave Letter-Writing campaign #Blackfish http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/lolita/tweetstorm-for-lolita

Stunning Video Reminds Us Exactly Why Lolita the Captive Orca #16425DaysASlave Needs to Be Freed http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

Pls multiply your ACTION 4 Lolita by COLLECTING #16425DaysASlave Letters! Ask friends, family, get schools involved http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita

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