"16,425 Days A Slave!" Tweets

Please use this TweetSheet to spread the word about our #16,425DaysASlave Letter-Writing campaign for Lolita

Plz use +ReTweet this TweetSheet 4 lone Orca Lolita #16425DaysASlave Letter-Writing campaign #Blackfish #FreeLolita https://goo.gl/Ad83s7

Say NO #Blackfish in concrete tank! Palace Entertainment: Retire Lolita to native waters! https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/vPnjzwi4Yy

IMAGINE lone #Blackfish Lolita 47 YRS in smallest orca tank in N. America! #16425DaysASlave http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/hZXhbwTKpS

#BLACKFISH EFFECT Palace Entertainment you R next! #16425DaysASlave http://bit.ly/1TU8asf http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/15fKK5Kg5I

August 8th Penn Cove massacre anniversary. #Blackfish Lolita survived enslaved for 47 Yrs! http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/lolita pic.twitter.com/AbHJWEUEuM

At 4 yrs old, Lolita was kidnapped from her family! TAKE ACTION! Collect letters4 her #16425DaysASlave #freelolita http://bit.ly/1TU8asf

Shame Palace Entertainment! Retire #Blackfish Lolita! 47 Yrs is too long! #16425DaysASlave http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita pic.twitter.com/oGzXSufg0H

#BlackfishEffect for Lolita #16425DaysASlave at Miami Seaquarium owned by PalaceEntertainmnt https://goo.gl/W2rMdF pic.twitter.com/m1TSUBd7gc

Increase ACTION by COLLECTING #16425DaysASlave Letters 4Orca Lolita 47 Yrs @MiamiSeaquarium https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/U0Kmtskq4a

Send BOYCOTT letters to Palace Entertainment to RETIRE #Blackfish Lolita https://t.co/0KXxEgK4CZ #16425DaysASlave pic.twitter.com/0kWoc5uAx3

Join @_PeggyOki’s campaign2 release lone Lolita #16425DaysASlave MiamiSequarium https://goo.gl/W2rMdF #freelolita pic.twitter.com/kBnhtY5bb5

After 47 YEARS Lolita retirement to home waters+family #16425DaysASlave campaign https://goo.gl/o2RPaA #freelolita pic.twitter.com/lCPR9CzVQU

Invite schools + prisons to participate writing letters 4 lone Orca Lolita #16425DaysASlave http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/take-action-for-lolita pic.twitter.com/v6YhebBfu5

BOYCOTT 61 Palace Entertainment theme parks to #FreeLolita captive 47 Yrs #16425DaysASlave https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/Pl5Sen2SAm

ACT NOW! Be voice 4 #Blackfish Lolita #16425DaysASlave 47 YEARS Miami Sequarium #FreeLolita pic.twitter.com/0kWoc5uAx3

So much tragedy! Palace Entertainment: RETIRE Lolita! #16425DaysASlave to her native waters! http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/lolita pic.twitter.com/AbHJWEUEuM

Palace Entertainment RETIRE Lolita! Kidnapped from her family 47 years ago! #16425DaysASlave http://bit.ly/1TU8asf pic.twitter.com/tR7SKC63b4

Raise awareness for lone Lolita #16425DaysASlave kidnapped enslaved @MiamiSeaquarium 47yrs http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/Z3SEMredF5

Retirement plan 4Lolita #16425DaysASlave Palace Entertainment: Give #Blackfish back2 family! https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/uQskBIBUBm

Shame on Palace Entertainment! #Lolita #16425DaysASlave denied her natural right for 47yrs! http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/lolita pic.twitter.com/jcN2m5UCsI

Palace Entertainment: Lolita’s tank 21ft long 12-20ft deep IMMORAL & WRONG! #16425DaysASlave https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/fvE5rWMOdL

Kids writing 2 reunite lone Lolita #16425DaysASlave w/ her family Contact school principals http://bit.ly/1TU8asf pic.twitter.com/v1TzUL4W6e

#Blackfish Effect toPalace Entertainment: RETIRE Lolita #16425DaysASlave 47 Yrs is too long! http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/m1TSUBd7gc

BOYCOTT 61 Palace Entertnment theme parks 2 free Orca Lolita captive 47yrs #16425DaysASlave https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/Pl5Sen2SAm

Video @_PeggyOki #16425DaysASlave 4 Lolita Orca RT to bring on #BlackfishEffect http://goo.gl/o2RPaA #freelolita pic.twitter.com/80pCdizaLk

Take action for lone Orca Lolita! Collect letters #16425DaysASlave http://bit.ly/1TU8asf Be a LEGEND! #freelolita pic.twitter.com/QdLqDNDZbR

Bring on the #BLACKFISH EFFECT 4 lone orca Lolita #16425DaysASlave http://bit.ly/1TU8asf http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/15fKK5Kg5I

Everyone can TakeACTION 2 #freelolita #Blackfish #16425DaysASlave! Friends, family, schools http://bit.ly/1TU8asf pic.twitter.com/V2LaxPL6vD

#Blackfish Lolita #16425DaysASlave denied all things natural right for 47 yrs! http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/lolita #FreeLolita pic.twitter.com/rX9bdJJ52d

After 47 YEARS Lolita retirement 2 home waters+family #16425DaysASlave campaign https://goo.gl/o2RPaA #freelolita pic.twitter.com/lCPR9CzVQU

Please send in letters to help #Blackfish Lolita go home! TAKE ACTION HERE https://t.co/0KXxEgK4CZ #16425DaysASlave pic.twitter.com/0kWoc5uAx3

Join @_PeggyOki campaign 4 #Blackfish Lolita #16425DaysASlave 2 return 2 mother http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/lolita #freelolita pic.twitter.com/523BMS3pqz

Palace Entertainment: RETIRE lone orca Lolita! 47 yrs in bathtub #16425DaysASlave http://goo.gl/o2RPaA #Blackfish pic.twitter.com/V2LaxPL6vD

BOYCOTT message to 61 theme parks owned by Palace Entertainment says NO 2captive #Blackfish https://goo.gl/W2rMdF pic.twitter.com/JaxSMndg7I

EVERYONE can help #FreeLolita captive Orca #16425DaysASlave campaign Pledge BOYCOTT of 61 PalaceEntertainmentParks pic.twitter.com/m1TSUBd7gc

Lolita captured 1970. 47 yrs in smallest oldest Orca tank in US #16425DaysASlave @_PeggyOki http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/aitAN7JX2C

Palace Entertainment: RETIRE Lolita! She has suffered 47 yrs under hot sun #16425DaysASlave http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/6gmLf5htpt

Boycott Palace Entertainment 4 keeping Lolita #16425DaysASlave in bath tub 47 YEARS! Action: https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/KvSf49S4jl

Palace Entertainment: RETIRE kidnapped #Blackfish Lolita #16425DaysASlave 47Yrs is too long! https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/hZXhbwTKpS

Send #16425DaysASlave pledge 2 BOYCOTT 61 Palace Entrtnmnt theme parks 2release Orca Lolita https://goo.gl/W2rMdF pic.twitter.com/h6Gg0kp8qR

Lolita could reunite with family after 47 YEARS! Make this dream possible 16425DaysASlave https://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/lhoDSNwXKD

Watch @_PeggyOki #16425DaysASlave campaign video for Lolita Orca and RT to bring on #BlackfishEffect http://goo.gl/o2RPaA #freelolita

What would 47 yrs in a bathtub be like? Ask lone orca Lolita! #Blackfish #16425DaysASlave http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/V2LaxPL6vD

B a LEGEND 4 lone Lolita! EASY2 collect #16425DaysASlave letters 2 PLEDGEBOYCOTT http://bit.ly/1TU8asf #freelolita pic.twitter.com/U0Kmtskq4a

END #Blackfish tragic story w/JOY. ACTION can make a difference for Lolita #16425DaysASlave http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/lolita pic.twitter.com/aitAN7JX2C

BOYCOTT message to 61 theme parks owned by Palace Entertainment says NO 2 captive #Blackfish http://www.origamiwhalesproject.org/lolita pic.twitter.com/JaxSMndg7I

Lolita captured 1970. 47 yrs in smallest oldest Orca tank in US #16425DaysASlave @_PeggyOki http://goo.gl/o2RPaA pic.twitter.com/aitAN7JX2C

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You can read more information about this campaign and take action yourself.

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